This Alera Merix450 Chair has a super aesthetic style that offers a superior sitting experience to its user. You can never imagine how this chair supports your body while you get tired due to the long duration of work. Sometimes the situation gets worse when you have to give the extra time to your work then the chair will help you to get rid of the body pain. The seat of this chair covered with the super mesh cushion material just because to give you a soft feeling while you sit on it and it never gets deformed when you sit for prolonged on it. It is designed as it maintains your natural body posture and never makes you feel hardness and hardness on your body. With a breathable mesh back of the chair it never gives the feeling of humidity or suffocation to you. The back of the chair is porous so it allows the air to travel through it very easily so that you will stay fresh, cool, and happy all day long.

Alera Merix450 Chair Review

As the curved shape back of the chair maintains your spine shape while you sit on it and also gives the lumbar support to your body which also encourages the ideal back posture. The removable armrest of the chair offers you the next level of comfort because sometimes you need them and when you are done you feel that they get vanish just because you don’t want them so now you can use its armrest and when you don’t need them you just simply put them out the way so that they never disturb your rest time. The durable heavy base of the chair always supports your body without any problem with the casters’ wheels. You can use it to move in your office or workplace without standing up. This chair also moves very smoothly even on the carpets with its caster wheels.

Alera Merix450 Chair Review

Features of Alera Merix450 Chair

When you are selecting the best chair for you the most important thing that you are considering for yourself is comfort because you have to work. The chair must support your long term sitting. You will get the next level of comfort on this chair as it has a soft mushy cushion seat with a waterfall edge that not only supports your upper body but takes care of your lower body also. Because of the long term sitting you will feel that your legs started paining because of the low blood circulation in your legs The waterfall design of this chair solves this problem and offers better circulation in your legs. This aesthetic beauty never fails to fit in your workplace like an office, conference rooms, meeting rooms, home, and more other places where you would like to work. This chair supports your 450 lbs weight and this feature allows bulky people to use it without any worry.

The breathable back makes you feel cool and fresh all the time just because of the good flow of air through its porous surface. The lumbar support of its backrest offers you amazing back support. Its removable armrest also allows the bulky frame people to use this chair conveniently and when you get spare time and you don’t need them you can remove them simply. The armrest height from the seat is 5 1/2 to 9 which is the ideal position of the arm so that every person can enjoy this feature. The arrest of this chair has a T-bar style that keeps your arms and wrist in a 90 degrees angle while you are working on it. The base of the chair is made of steel metal that is more durable and strong enough to support your body easily and never give you any irritation in your lower back and shoulders.

  • The base of the chair is manufactured with steel
  • It offer you the superior comfort level
  • Breathable mesh back of the chair keeps you cool and light
  • It maximum support 450 lbs
  • It is like extra massive


Buyer’s guide

Here we tell our customers about the important features of our product so that they get to know why they are choosing us and our products. When you are selecting anything then it’s your right that you get to know everything about that so that after knowing all consequences you can easily decide whether you have to choose this or not. Followings are the important features of the Alera Merix450 Chair

  • Comfort
  • Armrest
  • Breathability
  • Structure


Comfort is the most vital feature that every single person wants during their long-term sitting period because after a long time of sitting your body gets tired and you feel low so this chair offers you a superior comfort level so that you will stay happy and active during your work.


This is the very feature that some chairs offer and this chair offers you this so that you get the support for arms especially during working.


The mesh breathable backrest of the chair always keeps your fresh and dry so that you can get a better focus on your work. The best circulation of air always keeps you light and active.


The structure of this chair is manufactured with steel metal which is the surety of its amazing durability. Its strong body supports the bulky frame body easily.


The Alera Merix450 Chair offers you many different amazing features that you can enjoy a lot during your working time so that you get your better performance with the amazing comfort and support that this chair gives you. In this article, you will get all information about this chair so that while choosing this you already know about its benefits and drawbacks. The breathability of this chair always keeps you cool and dry. The waterfall edge of the chair makes the blood circulation better in your legs. The armrest keeps your wrist at 90 degrees. there many other things that we are telling about this chair in this article.

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