In this piece of content we’ll briefly discuss about How to Clean a Gaming Chair Easily. Gamers must need to understand this thing that a clean gaming chair not only adds value to their gaming and it also help them in long lasting of chair.

How to Clean a Gaming Chair

Simply wet a sponge and rage it with soap and warm water and scrub the area containing dirt and stain. Cleaning solvents can also use if you want to disinfect them. Other parts of the chairs are much easier to clean theses parts include:

  • Armrest.
  • Frame.
  • Wheels.
  • Base.

These all parts are made from plastic or other materials; that’s why they are accessible to clean. You can add some sent for a pleasant smell. Some chairs have stainless steel parts. Base of the frame of the chair made from stainless steel. You can also clean these parts in the same way base from warm water and frame from detergent.

But wipe it dry with a paper towel from preventing it from streaking. The same method is used for cleaning plastic components. Different parts of the chair require different cleaning methods. But make sure you don’t damage your gaming chair while cleaning it. You need to check that what part of the chair can be clean by what methods. Some steps give you help while cleaning the chair.

Vacuum or dusting of chair coating:

Four types of chair stuffing include:

  • PU leather.
  • Mesh.
  • Fabric.
  • PVC leather.

Now it is up to you that what stuffing of chair you want to clean.if you have mesh or fabric stuffing you need to use a vacuum for cleaning these parts.use regular vacuum on your mesh chair, and it is fabric then attach a brush to your vacuum and gently rub it on the stuff. 

If the chair has PU or PVC artificial leather, you could use a thick cloth to clean the gaming chair. You should do a vacuum or dusting at least once a week.

Clean the chair coating with water or other Solvents:

Clean the chair coating with water or other Solvents:


Before doing this step, you need to check the care tag on the back of the chair. If there is the symbol of S so you can clean your chair with water-based solvent and if there are two symbol S/W, it means you can either use water or another solution.

 Faux leather chairs are W marked. For W symbol, you can use warm water by adding a little drop of dish wash in it.  While cleaning the chair, you need to stay alert solvents that can damage your chair. You are cleaning artificial leather, gently wipe the leather with a sponge.  And if you are cleaning the mesh stuff chair so don’t rub it.

  For the cleaning of fabric, you can use a brush and rub it on the spots.

For tough stain s the above process might not be enough.  If you see heavy stains, then you might spot clean them.use few drops of alcohol on a small cotton ball and then rinse your place but make sure that this will not harm your coating.therefor you need to clean the underside of the chair and leave it for few minutes if it causes some damage it will appear on the chair.  And if it does not damage your coating, then use it. 

 Gently rub the spot and clean it, but for mesh coating, don’t rub it as the material is soft so it may damage them.

Washing of Armrest Base and Frame:

Now it is time to clean the rest of your chair. These parts are easy to clean. First of all, you need a soft sponge, cloth, or bowl of warm water, mix mild detergent in warm water.

  Then wash the surface of Armrest base and frame, and it is essential to dry them with paper towels.  The only thing left is the cleaning of caster wheels; unfortunately, these are the most annoying parts for cleaning because lots of hairs and debris are tangled in them that are difficult to remove.

You have to turn your chair, grab your vacuum, or use some tools to clean the chair’s interior.use surface cleaner or cloth for cleaning the outside of the chair.  Wipe them with rubbing can also clean your chair wheels by using a vacuum use leather washing conditioners for washing of leather. Keep away pens and other sharp things from the leather because it can scratch the leather.

You have to stop the habit of eating while sitting on the gaming chair.  But we understand that the user should not do so. They cannot sit at the dinner table for a proper meal. But if there is the spot of some juice or another liquid, you can clean it by using a wet cloth and rag it on the surface slowly make sure your coating does not damage.

Washing Wheels:

Some wheels may pop off, but some may need a screwdriver for pulling wheels. Sometimes, the debris stuck in the crack wheels you need a butter knife that allows you to scrape off the stuck thing from the wheels. we also have compiled a list of Best Office Chairs 2021.

If hairs are stuck on the wheels, then use scissors and tweezers to remove them. Then wipe wheels with a dry cloth. Any moister in the wheels may prevent it from rolling smoothly. Clean the wheels with a dry cloth, mainly when you use the soap. Now the chair moves much more smoothly. Screw the links back before sitting on the chair. Now clean the legs and arms of the chair. exposure to sunlight may damage PU leather.

Don’t wash pillows, but if they are dirty, remove it with hands wash them in 30 degrees Celsius. And leave them for a few times don’t squeeze them. Treat your chair with care; keep it in good condition. PU leather is water-resistant, but you have to dry it because if the moisture stays on the leather, it can change its physical health.

Crypton cleaning:

Crypton fiber offers permanent protection from stains moistures and bacteria. The cleaning process is different from other coatings. If this fiber becomes dirty, you can clean it with water, powdered enzymes, and detergent.Foam shampoo and water-based cleaning products can also use for cleaning purposes.

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