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SIDIZ Has Become a Name to Watch in Gaming Chairs

Talk of popular gaming chairs seems tends to involve a number of different brands and manufacturers. But until a few years ago, SIDIZ was not one of them. This is a South Korean company just a little more than 10 years old, and associated primarily with office chairs. But a few year ago, SIDIZ made the leap into gaming culture, specifically by way of providing the gaming chairs for the Seoul headquarters of Gen.G (and by extension the Seoul Dynasty team, a standout Over watch eSports and a team founded by Gen.G).

For those who aren’t closely connected to the eSports world, Gen.G may be best known for its connection to Will Smith. The famous actor is well known for taking a deep interest in hobbies and pursuits outside of his acting (and rapping) career. Smith is known for being an active fan of European metal music for instance, and a recent article on interesting movie star hobbies pegged him as an avid fencer, too. (Apparently he spars with fellow actor and close pal Tom Cruise!) Even more recently, political ambitions were also added to the list of Smith’s interests when the actor left the door open for an eventual run for president during a podcast interview.

SIDIZ Gaming Chairs

That provides some idea of just how significant it is that SIDIZ has provided the gaming chairs for the Seoul HQ. It did not immediately launch SIDIZ to new heights in terms of commercial appeal among everyday gamers. But it did provide some momentum, and the Korean company has since built on that momentum by producing some very interesting gaming chairs. In particular, the company’s Marvel-themed T80 chairs are well worth taking a look at (with specific editions representing superheroes Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, and Spider-Man).

The gaming side of SIDIZ isn’t too extensive just yet, and the company remains best known for office chairs, as well as stylish and comfortable chairs for kids. The work alongside Gen.G however, coupled with the lineup of excellent Marvel-themed pieces just mentioned, speaks to significant potential. It’s clear the company can make an excellent gaming chair, and there’s a sense of fun in SIDIZ designs that helps the products to stand out. It may well be that the next time we look at the best gaming chairs, SIDIZ will have a piece worth mentioning alongside some of the top options in the industry.

As part of his tendency to dive into interests outside of his career though, Smith is known for making the occasional high-profile investment as well. And that’s where Gen.G comes into play. In 2019, Smith joined Japanese soccer star Keisuke Honda in a massive investment ($46 million to be exact) in the organization. This investment was meant to help raise the profile of eSports in japan and expand Gen.G’s global influence. It’s fair to say that it helped to raise Gen.G’s profile more or less immediately; the company is now considered to be one of the most powerful and influential companies in the eSports world.

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