If you are dealing with neck pain, lower back problems, or sciatic pain even if you are having the best ergonomics chair with a desk in front of you then I will suggest this Varier Kneeling Chair because it is specially designed for your active sitting. It is designed like that to maintain your natural body posture so that you never feel anything in your back. When you are sitting on this office chair you feel that the hip pelvis moving slightly forward which is the actual shape of your spine which is the upward position. Another benefit which this chair offers you is it keeps you active all day long and this thing never harms your back. With its unique style, it engages your abdominal muscles and strengthens your backbone. The to and fro motion of the chair also makes some people focus on their work and it also stretches the back in both directions.

Best Varier Kneeling Chair Review

Some people have an issue that their knee gets hurt due to the continued hit with the desk and this thing also distracts them from their work so this chair also solves this problem as it has two knee supporters. By using them you can easily get rid of your knee pain. Due to this knee pain, the daily office work becomes torture for you and instead of enjoying it, you started ignoring it which later affects your office progress. This kneeling chair overall is the therapy of your body and soul as it retains your spine in its natural posture, the core of the body gets relaxed and enhances the overall ergonomics of your sitting.

Features of Varier Kneeling Chair Review

Varier Kneeling Chair Review

This Varier Kneeling Chair is an ergonomic kneeling chair. This kneeling chair has a soft three-inch-thick cushion soft seat with the back support so that you never get back, knee, or shins issues. The soft seat of this chair offers you excellent support to your back. It has 4 caster wheels so that you could get the freedom to move freely. Just like the old chair you never need to stick in one place these wheels will help you to move easily. This kneeling chair allows you to use different muscles of your body so that your body remains active. When you sit on this chair your body gets tilted and this the best posture of your body. It is not good to hunch over your keyboard or desk for many hours or end anymore. This chair allows you to maintain your body posture and also keep your body active in every situation. Actually, it offers you the posture benefits to your body. It keeps you back in its natural upright position and distributes your weight evenly throughout your body. During this process it keeps your spine aligned.

This chair performs very heavy duty all day long for this its base is made up of strong metal so that it remains to last. It supports 250 lbs weight very easily just because of its strong constructed material. Its modern design attracts every person’s attention conveniently. Its sleek all back style is ideal for your home, office, classroom, or anywhere you would like to do your work. You adjust its height according to your need. It also offers you different ranges from 21 to 31 height adjustability.

  • It retains your body posture and also strengthens your back bone muscles.
  • Your knee pain issue will get vanish
  • It has different height adjustability features
  • Some com-plaining that knees cushion is firm and hard


Buyer’s guide

Some people usually have an issue with knee pain because their legs are too long that they continuously kicked with the desk or bench in front of you this thing makes your office work more than torture. So if you are in search of such a chair that will resolve your issue then you are in the right place here. We will tell you about this chair’s benefits so that you get to know why you are choosing this chair.

  • Range of motion
  • Comfort
  • Seat
  • Knees & Shins

Range of motion

As the tilted style of the chair makes your body get its natural posture. As the chair has rock motion so it becomes easy to move back and forth this will also help you to evenly distribute the body weight. The wheels under the chair also decrease your struggle to get something from far away.


The main thing that distinguishes this chair from others is the comfort level that it offers. As your spine gets its upright natural position you feel so relaxed and happy. You feel nothing in your back, shoulder, and other pressure points.


The seat is made up of three-layer polyurethane foam which is very soft and firm also that keeps your body in a very relaxing position.

Knees & Shins

This is also made up of polyurethane foam that keeps its shape for a very long time. This is made of high-end material that offers you amazing durability and stability.


In this article you will get to know about the solution of your problem as you have issues with back and knee pain then this chair offers you the amazing features that will vanish your pain quickly. It is very often that the knees get pained as they get hit with the office desk but this kneeling chair allows you to keep your knees on the knees so that your knees get relaxed. The style of the chair also helps you to maintain an active life during work. When you sit on it your spine gets the upward position which is actually the natural posture of the veritable column. Due to this, the weight of your body is also distributed on your thighs evenly which also makes you feel that you are in your comfort zone. The swivel wheels under this chair also shorten your struggle to get up and take the file that is just behind you.

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