Now a day it seems like almost every one of us is going through different kinds of muscular pains or backaches. If you are working for several hours in the home or office or you are a patient who is retired with different medical issues, they all just need the Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs that helps them to feel better and make them feel relaxed inside out. Sitting on an uncomfortable chair sometimes leaves you with aches and discomfort or even aggravates your current back problems and distracts you from your work.  All you need the best massage chair that not only gives you a decent value for your money but also satisfies all of the requirements your body needs.

If you want to feel completely relaxed, comfortable, and weightless then you do not have a better option than a zero gravity massage chair. Nowadays, it has become very fashionable in recent years to give your relaxation station greater comfort. To make your relaxing time perfect, you just need a massage chair with some heating features it will you more Comfortable and Relaxed. These kinds of massage chairs will help you to disappear your aches back pain or other muscles related issues completely. The zero-gravity function is necessary because it increases the relaxation required by your back and neck. When your body is in an incomplete neutral place, it will alleviate the pressure on it, along with the pressure on your lower back, neck, and back. For a deeper massage, they’ll feel more comfortable too.

Top Zero Gravity Massage Chairs for 2022

Zero Gravity Massage chairs have a lot of health benefits. In the market, there are accessible numerous companies with zero gravity massage chairs. If you do not have any experience before you purchase a new zero gravity massage chair then you will feel uncertain about which one to select and what features to inspect. So. In this article, we will tell you what you need to think and find before you buy a zero-gravity massage chair.

List of 5 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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1. Full Body Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair

1. Full Body Shiatsu Zero Gravity Massage Chair

This 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair will scan your body data automatically to change the massage points and massage range, giving you a custom-fit individual massage. Various types of the body can undergo the most skilled massage, and the result is comparable to that of a massage technician. On the shoulders, arms, hips, calf, and feet, the Massage Airbags cover allows you to enjoy the Tuina massage in rhythmic looping. Ugears integrated linking suspension massage chair places the center of gravity on the knees, lowers the pressure on the spine and joints, lowers the heart between the thighs, and your body is in a fully relaxed pose and the sensation of weight loss in real space. The Max Weight Capacity of this best zero gravity chair is 330 pounds. The Seat Width of this chair is 21 inches.

The length of our SL Track chair is different from almost any other comparable product, it not only has a wider range of massages but also performs precise knocking, kneading, rubbing, clapping, rolling, shiatsu, and other methods of relaxation to relax the entire body. The Thai-style massage is paired with other techniques to deliver a soothing massage. The two heating devices at the massage chair’s waist will warm your waist up to 45 degrees C and care for your wellbeing. Ugears massage chair allows for just around 5 cm between the chair and the wall. One-click zero space forward leaving plenty of room for you. The place of zero gravity is the one with the best effect on massage. There are 3 zero gravity stages: Original, Comfortable, and Deep. It also makes a mere 2 inches between the massage chair and the wall.

The head component is fitted with surround sound equipment, easy to attach with a Bluetooth cell phone, so you’ll have a more comfortable atmosphere with better sound quality during the massage. The Deep V-wrapped shape decreases the feeling of physical and mental discomfort and is stressed equally, helping you to relax from the outside to the inside and bid fatigue farewell. The massage chair with 24 massage airbags simulates the technology of human body massage and make your body relaxed deeply. The Dimensions for this best zero gravity massage chairs are 52.5 inches x 49.5 inches x 34 inches.

  • You don’t have to put it together
  • Convenient and user friendly you can set the timer
  • Comfortable and relaxing
  • The heating function of this Amazing chair will make you relax from inside to outside
  • Controllers looks cheap

2. Lernonl Full Body SL-Track Zero Gravity Massage Chair

2. Lernonl Full Body SL-Track Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Lernonl Full Body SL-Track Zero Gravity Massage Chair simulates the sensation of weightlessness in space, and the more relaxed massage state lets the body stretch and relaxes naturally, letting you enjoy this moment! There are 3 degrees of zero gravity angles, to change a comfortable reclining angle by clicking on the button. In the meantime, our heart and knees are in a horizontal line that can efficiently minimize heart pressure and improve blood circulation. An integrated arm attachment and airbags in the chair for an outstanding full body shiatsu massage.

Connecting ergonomically, L-track rollers glide from neck to lower back, delivering an intimate full body massage. smart body scanning automatically detects your body size for a personalized message; All-around scraping and the rolling feature will effectively stimulate the plantar reflex zone to minimize tiredness and enhance body immunity.3D hand Robert technology is implemented in the A900 massage chair, incorporating knocking, hitting, rubbing, and other forms of massaging.

The Maestro uses massage modes such as kneading, rubbing, knocking and shiatsu in different variations of each built into 6 autos programmed: Relax, Stretch, Mild, Powerful Mode, Sleep, and Safe. Yoga stretching, your upper body and leg area can be stretched while you start this feature, the massage chair will also hold the back area. The electric foot massage part can be modified and extended to approx. 6 inches to match different body heights. And there is an adjustable shoulder width between 1.57 inches and 8.27 inches. The Dimension of this one of the best massage chairs with zero gravity is 51 inches x 48 inches x 32 inches.

  • No Assembly required
  • Perfectly Suits the human body curves spanning from the neck to the thighs
  • Offering you a precise and intimate massage
  • The price of this zero gravity massage chairs is not justifiable

3. Ootori SL-Track Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

3. Ootori SL-Track Zero Gravity Full Body Massage Chair

Ootori SL-Track Full Body Massage Chair’s zero-gravity Position is the most effective location to enjoy a massage effectively. Massage chairs with zero gravity will help distribute a user’s weight around the chair. This relieves tension on your body and helps you to undergo a smoother, more intense massage. Reducing stress on your body is as successful as this would result in you feeling practically weightless. The therapeutic effects are extremely powerful when completely reclined to where your legs are higher than your heart level and can be felt instantly. You can tilt from 116 degrees to 180 degrees to your ideal zero-gravity experience, effectively relieve the pressure on the vertebrae, relieve back pain and give your heart a vacation.

The electric massage chair is built with SL double tracks approximately 130 cm long. S+L track, wider massage area, S+L space track extended edition, intelligently scan your body, intelligently monitor body size for tailored massage, massage stroke from head to buttocks, deep fit to the human body vertebral. Now you can simply attach your iPhone or Android device to the Bluetooth networking feature to enjoy your own playlists and music collections. Enjoy stretching yoga, launch the automatic mode to enjoy stretching yoga, arching the spine, soothing the whole spine, and kneading, tapping, and shiatsu combinations with a 3D robot while stretching. The back is kept at a steady temperature to increase blood circulation and alleviate pain.

The full-body airbag covers the shoulders and feet, and the three shoulders can be modified to match differing widths and the calves can be removed. The foot-enhanced roller rolls forward and backward at the same time to soothe the sole and heel. The three-speed airbag to control the airbag’s strength, you can change the airbag’s strength to fit the strength you need. Bluetooth-advanced speaker. The Dimensions for this best full body massage chairs are 47 inches x 45 inches x 30 inches. This massage chair weight is 172 pounds and it can hold up to 250 lbs.

  • No need to assemble
  • A beautifully designed and completely comfortable chair
  • The rollers in the chair are super strong
  • Effectively relieve all the pressure and make your body relaxed
  • False

4. Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

4. Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

This best Zero Gravity Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair lifts your feet to the same level as your heart, reducing your vertebrae ‘s gravity strain that can completely support your spine, back, and lumbar. You’ll feel almost weightless, relieving back pain discomfort. 4 Warm massaging rollers work in combination with other areas to provide a soothing massage. You will have complete Head, collar, shoulder, waist, back, leg supports. All you have less stress in your heart and more relax. 7 Massage Modes kneading, banging, racking, rubbing, shiatsu, air pressure, heating. Two preset auto massage programs have various massage methods to give you the best massage experience. Including special stretching programmed for full-body stretching.

The airbags are strategically placed in the buttocks, thighs, and calves. Combined with heat treatment, the muscles and joints can heal more easily with improved blood circulation and less pain. Multiple airbags for the hip and waistline that inflates for compression massage to match the lower back and pelvis area. Multiple airbags on the sides and back of the legs inflate for massage by compression. The rollers slide all the way down under the seat from the upper back. The ideally solves the problem of noise and gives you a comfortable experience of massage. The Control panel is in the armrest, a more convenient service.

Built-in Bluetooth speaker, to really help you relax. Use the socket to power from the comfort of your seat some other electronic device. Easily charge your tablet or phone with the USB connector, or use the socket to power from the comfort of your seat some other electronic device. 4 Warm massaging rollers work in combination with other areas to provide a soothing massage. The net weight of this best full-body massage chair is 200 pounds. The L-Track rollers slide all the way down under the seat from the upper back. The solves the noise problem perfectly and gives you a peaceful massage experience.

  • You can position your rollers according to your body need with two modes manual or auto
  • User friendly
  • Super easy to assemble
  • Modes and rollers both are fantastic
  • Durable and affordable as compared to other chairs
  • Bluetooth speakers may trouble sometime
  • To resolve Bluetooth issue, you have to shut down whole chair

5. OOTORI 2020 Zero Gravity with 3D SL-Track Massage Chair

5. OOTORI 2020 Zero Gravity with 3D SL-Track Massage Chair

OOTORI 2020 Zero Gravity Full Body, Shiatsu Recliner with 3D SL-Track Yoga Stretching is one of the best massage chairs. The scientifically developed method for scanning the human body can accurately define the spine shape of different age groups. Fitted with three adjustable shoulder widths and expandable footrest. The whole-body airbag massage adopts 6 types of automatic procedures, which is a professional massage chair that is truly efficient. Three-level zero gravity, the ultimate tilting experience from gravity 116 degrees to 180 degrees helps to disappear the tiredness immediately, like floating clouds. The distance to the wall from the massage chair is just 3.94 inches. The chair body will move forward at the start of the massage, saving space without disturbing the atmosphere’s appearance.

The professional SL track is ergonomic, the range of massages is more precise than the S track, and the massage of the spine is more thorough and reliable. The 3D massage roller imitates the sensation of real human hands, releasing every inch of muscle tension with precision. The yoga stretching belt and heating function is amazing. Yoga stretching is used to stretch the entire body using the “bend and stretch” technique. Heating the back to a steady temperature for improved blood circulation and relieving soreness will effectively alleviate swelling of the shoulder muscle and strain of the lumbar muscle.

You can use this massage chair’s Bluetooth link feature to enjoy high-quality music. We have a one-year warranty, and minor parts issues can still be addressed after one year. And you can enjoy a nice massage while minimizing product malfunction problems. This full-body massage chair increases blood flow to the brain, liver, kidneys, digestive organs, etc. Opens the nerve centers, cleaning the spinal cord of toxins. It relieves pain in the back, pain in the neck, and headaches. The Thai massage mode helps you to enjoy high-end private message anytime, anywhere, and relax. The maximum weight capacity is 440 lbs.  The Dimensions of this amazing product are 45.27 inches x 32.28 inches x 45.27 inches and the reclining angle is 90 degrees to 170 degrees.

  • No assembly required
  • Can make your body relaxed inside out
  • Comfortable and durable
  • False

Best Zero Gravity Massage Chair – Buyer’s Guide

Gravity means a lot but less might be the better when it comes to your health. This at least is the basic idea behind the chair of the zero-gravity massage. This groundbreaking product replicates reclining seats that astronauts have used. Zero gravity chairs have risen steadily in popularity, both because of their comfort and ability to potentially ease certain health problems.

Chairs with zero gravity are like no other recliner. What separates the chair from gravity zero is its structure. All of it’s rooted in the general weightlessness idea.

In terms of architecture, this translates into an ergonomic device that equally distributes the weight when sitting. This minimizes pressure and strain on the body’s single areas a common problem when sitting on every typical chair. This balanced effect decreases severity in areas otherwise likely to suffer from general or vague pain. It can also help with more intense muscular and joint pain.

Massage chairs with zero gravity have different methods that can be difficult to define. Here are some of the important techniques and points to consider that will help you to find the best zero gravity massage chair that fulfills all the requirements of your body.


Led with chronic health issues? This zero gravity massage chair comes with lots of advantages that will seal the deal. If you ignore the characteristics of zero-gravity, it is the same as every other form of the massage chair.

What makes it unique, is the zero-gravity feature! It excels in meeting consumer needs with heating elements and different technologies. You will alleviate tension with the reclined posture and boost most health issues.


You need enough space to allow full use of this chair. This is because it uses more space than a traditional device. So, weigh the area you’re going to put before you make the final decision. Make sure there’s enough room around the chair to achieve a reclining position, too. Planning to carry more than one in one room? Know it may get congested for small areas.


You’ll note these chairs are available in different colors. All of these have a unique look that offers surface smoothness. It’s very unlikely to find blazing red or unpleasant options among the high-quality versions of the zero gravity chairs. Most of those units are models of the full-body kind. That is, from the neck area to the lower back and till the feet, they give massages.

Some of the higher-end systems are connected to large consoles. This offers a great visual experience, where you can look at the various choices and how they work.


This unique zero-gravity function belongs among the luxury models to the top tier. But you’ll still find affordable options, too. This massage chair comes with amazing choices and settings for interested customers, also among the low-priced models. Want to go beyond the basics that the low-cost units offer?

The deals are widely accessible. Typically, the extra features are retailed at higher prices. The additional computerized systems make it the best long-term investment.


The zero-gravity function is the most important and useful thing when purchasing a massage chair because it allows you to sit in the most comfortable reclining position that gives your body the total relaxation it needs. The neutral location of the body helps to remove the strain of the spine, as it gets rid of the stresses and strains of normal gravity of the vertebrae and neck.

Using the best zero gravity massage chair at home will allow you to get a full-body relaxing massage whenever you want it either day or night. To relieve tension, enjoy better blood circulation, get pressure relief on your back, arms, lower back, and neck, you will no longer need to set up an appointment or fly to a massage center or spa.

With the zero-gravity option, you can also take advantage of an optimized heart function, which helps the heart to work effectively, since it can work with gravity, resulting in blood flowing horizontally versus vertically. You should look forward to improved blood circulation with the use of the massage chair that has zero gravity, which will also aid in oxygenating the body.

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